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  • Proven Track Record Over the last decade I have topped Google (and the other search engines) for a variety of clients, in a variety of market sectors. I have worked within areas as diverse as one of the most competitive online, gambling, aswell as helping many local Northampton based businesses top Google for their services.
  • Quality, not quantity I only perform the SEO tasks that are most influential to high Google rankings and offer a return on your investment. As proven by expert research and past experience.  Google only value high quality SEO. So no 1000 directory submissions, forum posts and similar packages are offered here.  They may look like they will help and work is getting done, but the reality is they offer you zero benefits or return.
  • Rankings = Vanity but Profits = Sanity! I don’t just concentrate on top Google rankings but also traffic that ultimately converts into profit and sales.  There is no point being no.1 if being there is not going to get you any business.
  • NO Spam No blog or forum commenting, no search engine submissions and no black hat SEO tactics.
  • Tailored To You Every website and market sector is different and as such needs a different approach, so no one size fits all monthly SEO packages here!
  • Lower Price As I have much lower overheads than a SEO company and I can give you a higher quality tailored service.
  • Personal Touch As I deal solely with every task for every client, as opposed to a big SEO company where the guy you talk to won’t actually be the guy doing the work, and while a lot of their work is automated, mine is totally manual.
  • Free Support You’re free to contact me by phone or email with any questions during the course of your SEO campaign at no extra cost.
  • No Contracts Unlike some, I’m so confident of the value of my services that I don’t feel the need to tie you into long contracts, because if you like the service you will stay month after month anyway and if you don’t like it, you should be free to walk away.
  • No Smoke & Mirrors Or Jargon I’m aware many are confused by the secrecy and technical babble SEO  companies display when explaining their services. I aim to cut through all this by giving you a transparent view of exactly what I am doing and why, every step of the way.

Personal Profile

I am a self taught SEO consultant, I took it upon myself to learn everything about SEO ever since I first discovered it in 2005. I find the topic of SEO a fascinating area, so learning about it was very much a hobby first and a job second. I still get a lot of satisfaction in continuing to learn new SEO ideas and new ways of thinking.

I would describe myself as an analytical and creative SEO, who has the perception to pinpoint exactly what tasks need to be performed and the inventive mind to conjure up fresh ideas for website content or enhance SEO performance.

I have designed and maintained three hobby websites, in that time I have learnt a lot about hosting, administration systems, CMS (WordPress in particular), HTML and web design.

Achievements: Ranked and many others top of Google and the other leading search engines for all their primary keywords, substantially increasing traffic and enquiries·


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